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Finding FRESH, non gmo Heirloom Seeds today is extremely difficult. Most Heirloom seed banks have closed, have been contaminated by Monsanto, contain harmful pesticides or have been Genetically Modified.  Another great reason why we ship world-wide.

Our competition ( charges $79.00 to $149.00 for their heirloom seeds and offer you substantially less quantity. is selling 20 varieties for $37.97 with less seeds (only 4560 seeds) and they cost you more money compared to our 26 variety package which has over 7,500 seeds.  Today we'll double this amount for only $10 more.  You won't find a better deal on the Internet.

A great deal of our varieties come from Organic farmers.  Most of which are grown and harvested in the open fresh air, just like the ancient Egyptians use to do it (without chem trails, harsh chemicals or pesticides). 

Everyone is aware of the famous story of Joseph in the Bible. Wherein Joseph receiving the wisdom from God, grew, and stored vegetables & herbs for the 7 fats years and the 7 lean years of the Egyptian Famine!  

It just makes sense to have our Heirloom seeds that are known to have stood the test of hard times!

We are now once again heading towards hard times.  What situation will you be in when the NWO (New World Order) collapses the food system?  What will you do when the food shelves are empty in your local grocery store?  Are you prepared?  What are your long term food storage plans?

Actual Heirloom Garden

MyHeirloomSeeds pack by count NOT by weight.  We challenge you to find a package that contains beans, herbs and vegetables all in one.  We are proud to offer Homesteaders, former customers of,, Doomsday and all types of Preppers.  26 different varieties of non gmo Heirloom vegetable and herb seeds.  Below is the contents of the single 26 variety package. 


We also have a Starter pack for $13.50 that has 11 our most popular varieties

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Special discount for Military and First Responders: Active Duty and Veterans (click here)


Why Buy from us?

The Survival heirloom seeds Capsule protects from bugs, rodents, insects, water, rain, and just about any disaster situation known to man:

52 packs of our 26 variety (not $59.97) but $49.97 (over 15,000). Add  our specially designed Mother Nature Proof Survival capsule for a total $69.97


26 varieties (approximately 7,500) for only $39.97. Get our specially designed Mother Nature Proof Survival capsule for $59.97.

30 Day 100% money back guaranteed. 

52 packs of 26 varieties for only $49.97:   


52 packs of 26 varieties in our 100+ Survival Capsule for only $69.97:   


or Pay With Bitcoin (Pay with Bitcoin and| Get $10 Off)

Watch our video as we literally "try" to destroy our Survival Capsule with a Cylinder Brick



26 packs of our 26 variety for only $39.97   


26 packs of our 26 varieties packed in our 100+ Mother Nature Proof Survival Capsule for only $59.97   


We reserve the right to switch out some varieties due to inventory availability.

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Customers Comments:

I just received my package.  I only have one word- WOW! When you say over 15,000 you weren't kidding.  I can't wait to start planting!  J. William TX

I have seen other companies products, however, the amount your are offering (and for the price) you out beat any of your competition.  Most other companies are selling by the gram (which makes it way too expensive).  I even have enough to give away to friends.  Susan R NM

If you have a Black Thumb or your garden never comes out right.  You need Bloomin Minerals.  Plants can't make minerals you must add them to your soil. 

Plant can't make minerals you must add them to your soil.  Bloomin Minerals does that!