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How To Save Heirloom Seeds

Storing Heirloom seeds is extremely easy.  You only need a empty metal can.  Remove the lid from the can and place our non GMO Heirloom seeds packs inside.  Don't store your seeds in a vacuum package.  This will lock in humidity and when it comes time for planting that humidity will cause your seed to rot. 

The next step will be to cover top with aluminum window screen and then duct tape it around the sides of the can you want to use window screen to ensure that  air able to circulate, humidity will escape from seeds.  The screen will prevent bugs and critters like mice from getting a hold of your heirloom seeds.  

Make sure that you try to keep the can in a dark and dry place.  Seeds have been found in Egypt and elsewhere that have been good i.e. germinate after more than 1,000 years!  

Following the above steps will ensure that our Heirloom seeds will be available for many years to come.

Get your Heirloom seeds  from us today and get that garden started.


Actual Heirloom Garden

MyHeirloomSeeds pack by count NOT by weight.  We challenge you to find a package that contains beans, herbs and vegetables all in one.  We are proud to offer Homesteaders, former customers of Survivalistseeds.com, Eldoradoseeds.com, and all types of Preppers 26 different varieties of Heirloom vegetable and herb seeds.  Below is the contents of the single 26 variety package.  Purchase the 52 packs and we'll double the amount below:  

Recent Customer Video Comment:



Special discount for Military: Active Duty and Veterans (click here)


One of our vegetable and herb package consist of OVER 15,000 seeds.  Enough to sustain a family more that 5 to 7 years!  MyHeirloomSeeds is owned & operated by American Homesteaders/Preppers just like you! 

The Survival Capsule protects from bugs, rodents, insects, water, rain, and just about any disaster situation known to man:

52 packs of our 26 variety (not $59.97) but $49.97 (over 15,000). Add  our specially designed Mother Nature Proof Survival capsule for a total $69.97


26 varieties (approximately 7,000) for only $39.97. Get our specially designed Mother Nature Proof Survival capsule for $59.97.

30 Day 100% money back guaranteed. 

52 packs of our 26 varieties for only $49.97:   


52 packs of our 26 varieties packed in our 100+ Waterproof Survival Capsule for only $69.97:   


26 packs of our 26 variety for only $39.97:   


26 packs of our 26 varieties packed in our 100+ Waterproof Survival Capsule for only $59.97:   


 We reserve the right to switch out some varieties due to inventory availability.






















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